Announcements From Pastor Jack

FLOWER COMMUNION AT THIS SUNDAY MORNING’S EASTER SERVICE, whether you knew to bring flowers or not!

The traditional Unitarian Flower Communion is to commemorate the Flower Communion ceremony established in 1923 by Rev. Dr. Norbert Capek at the Unitarian Church in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and brought to the U.S. just prior to World War II by his wife, Rev. Maja Capek.  UU congregations everywhere continue the tradition - partly to celebrate Spring, partly to celebrate Easter, partly to symbolize resistance to Nazi-type attacks on the principle of the worth and dignity of every person.   With an expectation of lots of flowers to be gathered at our entry doors, we’ll redistribute the blossoms as we recess at the close of the service, for you to carry home - a lovely way to share faith, hope, and love, and the continual resurrection of humility, courage, and caring in the human heart.  Pastor Jack


NEXT WEDNESDAY RELIGIOUS STUDIES DISCUSSIONS ON “MINDFULNESS MEDITATION PRACTICE”, April 24 – session four of five - 10am or 7pm, your choice.   Topics:  Session #1) Why Meditate; #2) How to Meditate; #3 & 4) Bringing It into Your Life (Work, Relationship, Self-Care), #5) Deepening Your Practice.  15 loan copies of the guidebook are now circulating (“Getting Started with Mindfulness” published by Mindful Magazine and  All welcome.


NO THURSDAY CITIZENS CAFE THIS COMING THURSDAY April 25.  Next CafĂ©, Thursday May 2, 12 noon. Come with your lunch (BYO), drink coffee or tea (provided), and chat about life's issues (BYO).  Pastor Jack


NEXT UP-COMING WEDNESDAY RELIGIOUS STUDIES (10:00am and 7:00pm):  “21 Lessons for the 21st Century – the Summary”.  Five sessions (likely start date May 15) on historian Yuval Noah Harari’s overview of humankind’s greatest contemporary challenges.  Our text will be The Summary, published in 80 pages, available on Amazon (as is the full 318 page edition).


UUs HELPING UUs:   Need help or know a UUSPer who might?  Please notify Sue Price,  UUSP Care Committee chair:; 727-290-9910.


UUSP SERMONS (printed or audio) are available on UUSP's website:   Go to, click the Spirituality tab, click Worship Services and Sermons. Scroll down the services and you will see"Sermons and Readings." For audio recordings, click on a Sunday Service and look for the sound icon   audio

For screen shots of examples, click the link:  Worship Service Online Enhancements


Posted on April 18, 2019, at 1:50pm