Writing the Mind Alive - A Proprioceptive Writing Sampler

Writing the Mind Alive - A Proprioceptive Writing Sampler

Workshop with Ann Mullen, Member of the Faculty of the Proprioceptive Writing Center

Saturday, February 8, 9:00am - 1:00pm

UUSP Library

Reconnect with yourself through Proprioceptive Writing (PW), a method for exploring your thoughts through writing. Easy enough for anyone to learn, PW is practiced under conditions designed to promote relaxation and reflection. Through a process called “Inner Hearing” PW teaches you to listen to your thoughts with empathy and curiosity and reflect on them in writing.

When practiced regularly, PW can bring a new sense of well-being and confidence that is vital to mental health and creativity and can help you communicate with others with greater clarity and purpose. No creative writing experience or ambitions necessary. PW is a thinking practice that uses writing as a vehicle for expression.

Sliding Fee: 0 to $50.00 to benefit UUSP

To register, contact Karen White at kawpsy@verizon.net or text 518-524-1100.

For more information about PW, visit www.pwrting.org

For more information about Ann, visit www.annmunroemullen.com



Contact: Karen White
Posted on December 27, 2019, at 5:42pm