Thank your for Your Generosity 

People across the country are gathering on Sunday, January12 at the Brownsville,TX/Matamoros, Mexico border crossing to give witness to the atrocities of the Administration's “remain in Mexico” policy. Under this policy asylees arrive at the US border and request asylum, they file their request and then are returned to Mexico to await their court date. The conditions there are filthy and dangerous. 

Five people from the Pinellas Coalition for Immigrant Justice, which our Church is a member of, are witnessing at this Border crossing. They are also bringing all of the clothing that you donated and will be giving it to those trapped in Mexico by this horrific policy. Upon their return we will have a forum where they will share what they have witnessed and most likely have further actions we can take.

To help plan such events and advocacy steps as well as give a helping hand to two Congolese refugee families -- join us at the Migrant/Refugee Families planning meeting on Monday, January 13 in the Library at 5:00pm.

Contact: Karen Coale
Posted on January 9, 2020, at 6:10pm