Endowment Board

The Board of Endowment is comprised of 6 members who oversee assets bequested by past members for purposes to ensure the continuance of our liberal faith. The Board meets quarterly to review the investment portfolio, asset allocation, church business relating to the endowment and the recognition of member-donors whose generosity is and was crucial to UUSP's continuity.  The trustees are elected for three-year terms and report to the congregation at the Annual Meeting.  Financial reports are provided monthly to the Board of Trustees.

Governed by a Trust document created in 1962 and a Statement of Investment Policy, the Endowment Board is charged to act as a fiduciary.  The value of the Endowment is derived from two sources:  bequests made by our members and investment returns garnered from the capital markets.  Our investment goals are threefold: to protect principal, to outpace inflation and to create capital appreciation.

The Endowment Fund has been created by the generosity of members across the decades who believe liberal religion has a place in St. Petersburg.  It is their legacy which we honor and want to endure.  There are several avenues available for members wanting to be a part of this legacy.   Please contact any of the Endowment Board trustees for more information.


Kent Fanning, Chair
Teresa Kelly, Vice Chair
Sally Carville, Treasurer
Karen Frank, Recording Sectretary
Darren Stowe, Trustee
Andy Bragg, Trustee


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