Social Justice

Welcome to the homepage of the Social Justice Ministry. We are an organization committed to serving our community. We find deep meaning in our many projects, and encourage your involvement. All are welcome! Our upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings - where we plan and coordinate our projects - are displayed below.

Along with social justice fund raisers and funds from the Church’s operational budget, members of the congregation affirm their commitment to these ministries monthly by supporting a “share the plate” policy, wherein half of the non-pledge portion of the offering is given to a social justice project.

We have deep gratitude to the members of our congregation for their tireless support of money, in-kind donations, and countless volunteer hours. Together we do make a difference!

What Can I Do?

Interest/Talent Opportunity Groups Contact
Friendly with minimal lifting Deliver food to a family
Various times
Farmworker Immigrant, Social Justice Karen Coale
Homeless Outreach Serve at Picnic
Friday 5:30-7:00 pm
Social Justice, UUs Helping People Reggie Craig


Datesort icon Document Download
04/05/2019 Sasha Abramsky - Face of Immigration Today
01/11/2019 Border Security Fact Sheet
01/11/2019 Immigration Courts Fact Sheet
01/04/2019 Guest at Your Table: The Guardian
01/04/2019 Four Things You Should Know
06/25/2016 UU St. Pete Organizational Chart
04/17/2012 Social Justice Annual Report: 2011-2012
04/16/2010 Social Justice Annual Report: 2009-2010
08/12/2009 UU St. Pete Organizational Chart